Meet The Neighbors The Degen's

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"Krieg und Frieden."  War and peace. Said Brigitt to her husband of 55 years, Siggi. Their anniversary is on the 19th. "Too late to change now!" She adds quickly. Brigitt hates having her photo taken, since she was a little girl she has hated it. I'm sure when she sees this one she'll tell me again. Siggi is showing me the photos of Generals and other high ranking officers he gave haircuts to in his barber shop of nearly 50 years.  Brigitt is telling me which ones where her favorites.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Siggi was born in this house on the 4th of July 1924, an 11 lbs baby.  He jokes that the Americans celebrate his birthday with fireworks every year. His parents built the house and his family has lived in Weilerbach for over 500 years. He has only spent three years away and that's when he met Brigitt. All the painting is the house including the one pictured below were painted by her. 


Siggi's English is perfect. As he sits in his in home barber shop he tells me stories of flying F16 fighter planes in the US Air Force, and childhood memories of walking through the base which was just farmlands at that time to get a glass of milk from the farmers. He's always loved airplanes since he was a little boy. That's him in the photo below.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When Siggi retired from his barber shop in 2001, 124 people came to his retirement party. Including all the commanders, the mayor of Weilerbach, and Mark Welch. 




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