Don't Judge A Hill By It's Bunker

September 03, 2013  •  1 Comment

At first glance it looked like a small hill, lovely but nothing out of the ordinary really. Covered with tree's and fallen leaves like most small hills in the area, tucked cozy in between newly developed houses in the small town of Kindsbach Germany. But this little hill isn't ordinary, because this hill has a door, and behind that door is a big secret that goes all the way back before WWII.

Passed from the Germans to the French and owned by the Americans during the Cold War this bunker, resting below a hill of sandstone, should survive for the next 1,000 years. The Americans closed the bunker in the early 90's and gave it back to the original land owner. Imagine, men in uniform showing up at your door with a box full of keys and saying, "Here ya go!" The bunker was left in perfect condition but because of the elements it has begun to decay. 


When in an underground bunker why not take a moment and have some fun with an external flash and a blue gel. There was a mold problem I wore a dentist mask but for dramatic effect and to have a little fun one of our tour participants brought their gas mask.
Some of the rooms are still in such great condition that it was easy to forget I was underground.  Until next adventure. Thanks for taking a look. 


1.Petra Moeller(non-registered)
creepy...the way the world will look "without us" hundreds or thousands of years from now...
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