Hilton Head Island

July 21, 2013  •  2 Comments

It was air mattresses and takeout for too long and my back and stomach were starting to feel it. The family and I still had a week before our flight to Germany but our lease was up, so instead of staying at some dingy hotel off the highway we went ahead and booked a few nights out at Hilton Head Island South Carolina. It wasn't really planned I was looking for cabins by Thurmond lake or a nice bed and breakfast maybe, I was actually calling about a different location when the travel agent said, "O wow... I think I have something for you. O wow, you are going to like this. How about staying on Hilton Head Island?" 

Thank you Mr. Travel Agent. Hilton Head lighthouse in Harbour Town.

Dog friendly Coligny Beach and the Big Dipper.

I absolutely loved that the island had very little light pollution. There are no street lights, which allows for very special star gazing opportunities and also benefits the local wildlife.   

The most dangerous thing in these marsh wetlands I was told by our zip-line guides Pablo and Nate are the oysters. They are apparently razer sharp. 

Aboard the  Gypsy. We saw dolphins, had a lesson about crabs and learned how to throw a fishing net. 

The first mate holding a female crab, you can tell because of her 'nail polish' he told us. 

My back feels great my stomach is full of island goodness. Can I just stay here forever? Alas it's time for a new chapter but I have a feeling I'll be back. 





2.mama petra(non-registered)
wonderful blog, i have a feeling you and i will have a get together on Hilton Head Island in the near future!
1.Sally Kolar(non-registered)
The crab photo is amazing! Love the cat one too. So glad your last few days on vacation were fabulous!
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